We were thrilled when we learned that Ana and Mirko are going to take us to Belgrade for their wedding. We’ve never been there before and every time we get chance to see new country or city we are over the moon. Being a Belgrade Wedding photographer was truly an awesome experience and when we came to the hostel where they were getting ready, we already knew it was going to be a great day.

      Belgrade Wedding photographer

      They started their day very relaxed in a Floating Hostel ArkaBarka. Luckily Donava river is very calm so nobody got seasick 🙂 Ana got her makeup and hair done (hoorah for flower hair wreath!) while Mirko had time to chat with his friends (hoorah for gin tonic!). Ana and her bridesmaid took a boat to Reka restaurant where civil ceremony took place. A little bit different first look than usual 🙂 Terrace was packed during the ceremony and while being a bit harder for us to get a good angle and not be all over the place, it sure made for a great atmosphere! It was nice to see that their friends and family were just so close to them (literally and figuratively).

      After the ceremony we and newlyweds took a boat ride to a Great War Island for a portrait session. Island was kind of crowdy but Ana and Mirko were just so relaxed and in love that we’ve made some darn good photos. After the session we went back to Restaurant Reka – scenic and very colorful place with a great atmosphere and as you can see the party was bombastic! Although there are some great Belgrade wedding photographers we hope we’ll get back there for another love story very soon. 


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