• How far in advance do we need to book you?

There is no definite answer, since some dates are more popular than others and some couples tend to book faster than others, but we book most of our dates from 16 to 6 months before the wedding day.

• Do you always work in pair?

Despite really small and intimate weddings we always work in pair. That way we can capture more candid moments, we get different angles and we can be at the bride and the groom at the same time.

• How long after the wedding do you deliver the photos?

We’ll send you the first sneak peek in a week after the wedding and we’ll deliver the online gallery with all the photos in up to 4 weeks.

• Do you also offer video services?

We prefer to be completely focused on photography and not have to choose between video and photos, so we don’t offer video coverage, but we’d be glad to refer to you videographers that are good and we have worked with in the past.

• Would you be willing to travel to another country for our wedding?

Of course, this is what we love the most! No place is too far :)

• Do’s and don’ts at the wedding?

Do: Have an awesome time with your friends and family, this is what a wedding is for.
Don’t: Stress too much about details that are not going as planned and a delay of a few minutes is nothing you should be worried about on your wedding day.

• Is it possible to get unedited photos as well?

We only deliver edited photos, because this is something we stand behind.

• We tried to contact you over contact form on your website but we didn’t receive an answer?

In that case, please send us another mail to We try to take best care of our website, but sometimes a contact form can get a mind of its own and we miss an enquiry.

• There is a lot of photographers on the market, how should be base our decision?

This is definitely no easy task. We suggest that you first take a look at a lot of different photographers, so you see the different styles and get to decide what style you want. When you’ve decided what you want, list your favourite photographers and check as much of their work as you can. When you get your top two or three photographers, send them the enquiry and check for their availability. At that point it’s up to you and your budget, but keep in mind that a difference of a hundred bucks is not something you should base your decision on, after all, you’ll be looking at these photos for whole your life.

• Beside photography, do you also offer photo books?

We offer photo books and we think it’s a must. You two snuggled together on your first anniversary with the photo book in hand, looking at carefully selected best of your wedding day sounds much better that going through all of the photos on your tv screen.

• We are shy/not comfortable in front of a camera?

Believe it or not, this (and “How old are you actually”) is the thing that we hear the most from our couples. We totally understand that you are not professional models, that’s why we try to do our session as relaxed as possible. We don’t pose you in stiff poses,

• How does an engagement session looks like?

Engagement session is an awesome way for you to lose the camera shyness before your wedding day, to see how we work and we get to know each other better. That way the session on the wedding day is more relaxed and you also get some photos in more casual clothes.