Saying I DO at Gredič

Simple yet elegant, Gredič Castle’s quiet locale seemingly stretches to the horizon, offering sweeping views of Slovenia’s wine country. With a rich history spanning more than 400 years, F and M found love at first sight with the venue that proves that, just like their love for each other, some things are simply built to last.

It was a low-key Gredič wedding celebration on a warm summer day, with a gentle breeze moving the vines and leaves throughout the vineyards. Clouds dotted the sky for most of the day, offering much-appreciated shelter from the summer’s blinding sunlight. But most eyes weren’t looking skyward: simple, natural scenery and a pared-down guest list ensured that all eyes will be on the bride and groom.

A quick “first look” allowed F and M to bask in each other’s glow before the ceremony. The raw emotion was perfectly captured in photos as they both revelled in the fact that in just a few short moments, they would become husband and wife.

Gredič Castle Wedding

The bride stunned in a loose-fitting yet flattering white gown with a bouquet of greenery, while the groom donned a light-coloured linen suit that was just as breezy as the hillside upon which they made their vows. With the mountains at their back and the vineyard’s rolling hills at their feet, M and F were surrounded by their closest family and friends as they started a new life together.

We believe that weddings don’t always need to be lavish, over-the-top occasions. As F and M reminded us through their photos, it’s not about how big the table is, but rather who is around it. And we’re excited to see just how big their table grows as they begin a new legacy as a married couple.


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