Europe Indian Wedding Weekend at Villa Fabiani

Why settle for just one special day when you can experience the happily ever after all weekend long? A & S travelled to Slovenia’s exquisite Villa Fabiani to have a dreamy Indian wedding. They wanted the scenic, historic beauty of the village Štanjel combined with Indian wedding traditions, and never have we captured a more colourful wedding.

Weekend Wedding Celebration

We began on a Saturday at Village Štanjel. It was our first time experiencing a Holi party (an ancient Hindu festival known as a celebration of spring and colours), but we hope it isn’t our last. Vibrant colours, garments, and loud music, we couldn’t help but to feel a part of the Indian culture — it was one of the most welcoming and engaging environment.

There wasn’t a moment of silence throughout the day, just dancing, singing, and all the guests having the time of their lives. Later in the day, they continued to celebrate their day with sunset dance with closest friends and family. The first magical evening concluded with dinner at a long table with string lights and singing through the night.

The bride and groom started the second day of their weekend at Villa Fabiani, getting ready for the most important moment of their lives.

The whole party performed Baraat (a traditional Indian procession) around village Štanjel and the natural beauty of it, served as the perfect backdrop. Baraat is more of a dance than a march, accompanied by drums, each step in the path is blazing with energy.

It all continued at the beautiful garden where CARA creative co. team made everything even prettier by taking care of every little detail. They took care of decoration with a mix of bright and cosy elements and it was just simply perfect. A down to earth vibe for the ceremony was a stark contrast to the celebrations of the previous day, but ensured there were no distractions as the couple spilled the depths of their hearts and souls in the presence of family and friends. The couple spoke their vows from the heart and didn’t leave a dry eye behind. Every witness felt the deep love and devotion the couple felt for each other – the kind of love that most people go a whole lifetime wishing for.

After they said I do, it was time to celebrate the day and their love with their closest ones. It all came to an end with the literal cherry on top. Cakes made by Pcakes were not just eye-catching, but also incredibly delicious and a perfect end to the wedding weekend.

Marrying Tradition with Uniqueness

The whole wedding was a delicate balance of tradition and individuality that perfectly fit the bride and groom. The bride elected to include the hallmark bright colours and handmade jewellery on her special day. She wore the traditional mehndi on her hands, and both the bride and groom donned intricately handmade formalwear made by Sabyasachi.

The one of a kind couple had the dream Western Indian wedding and we are grateful to have captured every moment, every tear, every laugh, and every detail that made it special.

A & S, thank you from the bottom of our hearts, it was a day we will never forget.




Video by  Fragments Collection



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